Please be advised that the Grantham Youth Football League Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 17th July 2013, Starting at 7:30 at the Barrowby Pavilion, Low Road, Barrowby NG32 1DJ. Each Club must send a representative to the AGM. Each Club shall be entitled to one vote only. Proposed alterations to be considered at the Annual General Meeting should be submitted to the League Secretary by 28th June. The proposals, together with any proposals by the Management Committee, shall be circulated to all Clubs by 3rd July.

Important Note:

Please use the large football car park at the bottom of the playing fields, thank you.

Sally, Secretary for the Grantham Youth Football League

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The Grantham Youth League are pleased to present our fixture program for the 2013/13 season.

This program has been put together following trials with Clubs and teams, meetings across all our age groups, meetings with both the National FA and County FA, and the online surveys all Clubs were invited to complete.

The Grantham Youth League is at the forefront of the Youth Development Review and is committed to working with the best interests of our Clubs and players. The fixture program has been acknowledged at FA National level as best practise for implementing the Youth Review.

Please pass this onto everyone in your Club, if there any questions please do not hesitate to ask, and if required we could arrange for a member of the GYFL management committee to come and talk to your Club. 

Player Registration Form 2013/14
Player Registration Form 2013/14 is now available on this website – Click Here
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Membership Agreement Form 2013/14
Membership Agreement Form 2013/14 is now available on this website – Click Here
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League Application Form 2013/14
League Application Form 2013/14 is now available on this website – Click Here
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League Meeting Minutes
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League Meeting Dates 2013
July 17th AGM
August 14th
September 11th
All @ The Pavilion, Barrowby

Updated 01-07-13

Grantham Youth Football League embracing the future of football

How EA Supports Grassroots Football.

What is grassroots?

There should be a disclaimer here that grassroots football isn't football in a recreation ground or a school playing field. It is here to describe links to football in the real world. However by supporting real football and real football clubs EA this will make an impact on community initiatives which support parks and playing fields. After all, what goes around comes around.

What is EA?

EA or Electronic Arts publishes games for all devices, including PC, mobile and various consoles. They publish a number of football related games, including FIFA18. But as hinted to above this article concerns real world football. They also produced games like Star Wars Battlefront contact number.The links between EA sports and the actual fixtures are not as far apart as you might think. For instance Peter Moore who was an executive at EA Sports became a CEO at Liverpool Football Club. There are probably hundreds of such links if you wish to look for them.

If you have an interest in playing football it is simplicity itself to get involved with other football players using the EA website; they do have a forum where players and fans can interact. You can also connect with players using social media and video channels also linked to EA.

Those interested in Manchester City might like to visit their Snapchat channel, which is supported by EA Sports. EA Sports is also a sponsor of Man City's Man of the Match. They are also one of the sponsor of the Chelsea team which supports the Chelsea Foundation.Whatever your team you can still get artwork and (tablet/phone) wallpapers on the EA Sports site, be it Premiere League, Scottish Professional League, EFL Championship or whatever. This includes headers for your Facebook or Twitter page. 

EA Sports are always looking for sports tacticians who know everything about their specific team, in order for the games to be as realistic as possible. The name "talent scout team" might suggest one or two masterminds. But no, they actually have 6000 active members feeding them details and EA Sports will actively seek out specific teams. Most people on the team are given the role "football analysts" examining team data and offering changes which better reflect how the team is playing. These are paid positions.It does sound a bit contrary in helping real football by improving video games but it does seem to make a difference. The information that a football fan has at their fingertips has proven extremely useful in creating a more realistic characteristic in their players and teams. As a result it helps bring information about various teams to a wider audience.

eSports grassroots

The link between EA Sports and association football goes beyond the UK. EA Sports teamed up with the French football league in order to create "E-ligue 1", the first European football league of its kind, concerned with e-sports. It is certainly a departure when a real league creates the equivalent level or league for Esports and may well be a game changer, if you excuse the pun. Given the popularity of Esports in France this may not be that surprising.It seems that the virtual world of EA football will be linked to real grass roots football for sometime yet.

Regulation changes to grassroots football
The Football Association is set to make amendments to regulations governing football teams operating in the fifth tier and below. The proposed changes, which will be applicable during the 2017-18 season, are summarised below.

Separation of FA offences and CFA offences

Suspensions issued by a County FA will not be imposed on a participant on step 4 and above except in cases where the FA grants a dispensation for a postponement to cut across all levels. This change is aimed at protecting players and clubs from suspensions from other disciplinary bodies.

Suspension commencement Dates

All suspensions will start on their date of issue. Players and clubs are required to serve their suspension regardless of receipt or non-receipt of paperwork.

Late Payment and Response Update

Belated fines will be due 14 days from the date of issue and will amount to 25% of the initially invoiced amount. A breach of this rule will attract a club suspension effective seven days after the money was due.

County FA Discipline CommissionsThe following amendments have been enacted:

a) A qualified commission secretary is mandatory to every commissionb) Effective from 1st January 2018, every commission will be required to have an independent member to help incorporate those outside CFA council into the disciplinary procedure. A separate member is a member whose involvement with a County Association is strictly limited to the disciplinary panel.

Appeals against a County FA Decision

Consequent to the abolishment of the minimum threshold, the charged party can now appeal all CFA decisions found proven. Although suspensions pertinent to a misconduct charge start three days after the hearing, the accused party can still appeal such suspensions within 14 days of the written decision.

Mandatory Minimum Sanctions

The following charges will attract their respective minimum sanctions as listed below; Assaulting a match official—5-year sanction Physical contact on any match official—84 days and £100 Issuing threats to a match official—56 days/6 matches and £50 Depending on the present aggravating factors, a commission can increase.

Serious Suspensions and Offences

Following a proven case for any charge listed below, the resultant suspension will automatically suspend the charged party from all football-related activities at the county level. Should the CFA submit an application to the FA with all relevant facts, the suspension can be extended nationally. The charges include: Assaulting a match official Physical contact on a match official issuance of threats to a match official Assault on a participant Any sanction exceeding ten matches 112 days  

Football Debt Recovery (FDR)

Amendments to FDR include: An increase in the CFA administration fee to £2 in cases involving more than one debtor. Debts aged more than seven years will be cleared from the system annually. Debts not affiliated with the previous season will be written off and their respective suspensions lifted on an annual basis. Leagues can now apply a £2 administration fee on applications pertaining FDR.