How EA Supports Grassroots Football.

EA Sports

What is grassroots?

There should be a disclaimer here that grassroots football isn't football in a recreation ground or a school playing field. It is here to describe links to football in the real world. However by supporting real football and real football clubs EA this will make an impact on community initiatives which support parks and playing fields. After all, what goes around comes around.

What is EA?

EA or Electronic Arts publishes games for all devices, including PC, mobile and various consoles. They publish a number of football related games, including FIFA18. But as hinted to above this article concerns real world football. They also produced games like Star Wars Battlefront contact number.
The links between EA sports and the actual fixtures are not as far apart as you might think. For instance Peter Moore who was an executive at EA Sports became a CEO at Liverpool Football Club. There are probably hundreds of such links if you wish to look for them.

If you have an interest in playing football it is simplicity itself to get involved with other football players using the EA website; they do have a forum where players and fans can interact. You can also connect with players using social media and video channels also linked to EA.

Those interested in Manchester City might like to visit their Snapchat channel, which is supported by EA Sports. EA Sports is also a sponsor of Man City's Man of the Match. They are also one of the sponsor of the Chelsea team which supports the Chelsea Foundation.
Whatever your team you can still get artwork and (tablet/phone) wallpapers on the EA Sports site, be it Premiere League, Scottish Professional League, EFL Championship or whatever. This includes headers for your Facebook or Twitter page. 

EA Sports are always looking for sports tacticians who know everything about their specific team, in order for the games to be as realistic as possible. The name "talent scout team" might suggest one or two masterminds. But no, they actually have 6000 active members feeding them details and EA Sports will actively seek out specific teams. Most people on the team are given the role "football analysts" examining team data and offering changes which better reflect how the team is playing. These are paid positions.
It does sound a bit contrary in helping real football by improving video games but it does seem to make a difference. The information that a football fan has at their fingertips has proven extremely useful in creating a more realistic characteristic in their players and teams. As a result it helps bring information about various teams to a wider audience.

eSports grassroots

The link between EA Sports and association football goes beyond the UK. EA Sports teamed up with the French football league in order to create "E-ligue 1", the first European football league of its kind, concerned with e-sports. It is certainly a departure when a real league creates the equivalent level or league for Esports and may well be a game changer, if you excuse the pun. Given the popularity of Esports in France this may not be that surprising.
It seems that the virtual world of EA football will be linked to real grass roots football for sometime yet.

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